Top 5 Wizarding Women

It’s International Women’s Day! I love a story with strong female characters. There are as many ways to be strong as there are women, and I especially appreciate books that can introduce me to a wide range. I also love Harry Potter! Which just so happens to be one of those books. So, here I give you my top 5 wizarding women, each a queen in her own unique way.

  1. Hermione: I have always identified with Hermione. We are both bookish, a bit awkward, and terrified of getting in trouble. Hermione has one thing on me though, she is far more outspoken. I love the way she stands up for her beliefs. Whether it’s a personal crusade like SPEW, defending her best friends, or actively fighting Voldemort, she never backs down.
  2. Mrs. Weasley: I appreciate the nurturing/feisty mom type characters, and Mrs. Weasley is one of the best! She is perfectly happy with her traditional role as mother and wife, and she loves her family fiercely. That’s not to say she doesn’t get her moment to shine. Her fight with Bellatrix is the most satisfying way that could have played out for me.
  3. Ginny: Now, Ginny is one tough girl. She goes though a lot most probably wouldn’t have survived and comes out fighting. I love her determination and spunk. I’m so happy she finally got Harry.
  4. McGonagall: I always liked McGonagall’s stern but cool teacher vibe. However, now that I work in a high school and interact closely with the teachers, I’ve developed a whole new level of appreciation for her. I saw a meme on Pinterest once (totally legit source, I know) that said something along the lines of, “Live your life in a way that would make McGonagall both proud and exasperated.” And really, that’s the best sum-up and highest praise anyone could give her. Never forget, the one thing that made Harry angry enough to use an unforgivable curse was seeing her disrespected.
  5. Tonks: Tonks is such a fun-loving, easy-going, young auror, it’s hard not to like her. Unlike Mrs. Weasly, she is awful at housework. That doesn’t stop her from trying though. The thing that made me really fall in love with her, however, is when I realized exactly how epic it is for her to get up and fight just days after having a baby. I’ve never experienced child-birth myself (yet) but I have heard some pretty terrifying stories from older women in my life and I don’t think many would have been able to do what Tonks did.
  6. *Bonus!* Bellatrix: Ok, she’s a bonus because I don’t really like her. However, I think she is a very well-written, complex, character and I appreciate that. Her creepiness is, well creepy, but appropriately so and she makes a great villainous sidekick.

And there you have it! Feel free to leave a comment with your favorite wizarding woman; and, if you’d like to talk female character archetypes, check out my Facebook!

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