Greywolf’s Heart Review

I had the great pleasure to share a booth with C.M. Banschbach at Realm Makers this July! One of the many perks? I got a signed copy of her newest release before they sold out 😊


A man born for war. A bastard raised in contempt. Only together can they defend their tribe from slaughter.

Fierce-hearted Comran is the chief’s son and the favored choice to be the next leader. Then his father chooses Comran’s half-brother Etran for the role, straining the loyalties of the tribe and reinforcing the distance between the two men. When Comran is offered the role of battlewolf, he is ready to do his duty—but expects no friendship in return.

Steady Etran has long been shunned as the chief’s bastard. Becoming the chief brings even more hostility, so he offers Comran the title of battlewolf to maintain tribal unity. But can he trust this reckless warrior as his general when Comran has never stood by his side?

As tensions mount within the tribe, a traitorous act leads to war. Comran and Etran must overcome their inner demons and fight for their brotherhood before the Greywolves fall to their worst enemies.

What I Liked:

Complicated Relationships: This story is at the core about a dysfunctional family learning to heal. I loved the accurate portrayal of this messy process. Redeeming broken relationships while acknowledging the pain and struggles that comes with it.

Action Packed: From battle games, to assassination attempts, to full out war with devastating consequences, this one was incredibly hard to put down!

Disaster Boys: Comran and Etran are a pair of absolute disaster boys whom I adore. Especially Comran with his penchant for snarking off to villains and body-slamming armed men who get too close to his family.

Giant Wolves: I’m absolutely a cat person in general; but, I must admit I’ve got a thing for wolves. And a wolf the size of a horse with a magic bond to it’s owner? I’d take one of those any day!

My Rating 5/5

A beautiful story of brotherhood and healing set amidst an action packed backdrop of rugged wilds, giant wolves, and war.

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