Ringbearers, All!

It’s March 25th, and for Tolkienites everywhere that means a day of hope fulfilled! The day Sauron was defeated. And the first day of the Gondorian New Year, as proclaimed by the returned King.

There’s no denying our world lies under Shadow. We still await the return of our King who will vanquish the Dark Lord and set all to right. Yet we are now in the thick of it. Besieged at Minas Tirith. Beleagured at the Black Gate.

It’s times like these we need story most. The best stories teach us that there’s still good to be found in a broken world. That ordinary folk can make a difference. That no matter how much bad has happened, at the end of all things good will win.

My dear storytellers:
Authors, artists, actors, musicians, dancers …
Mothers, teachers, pastors, mentors …

You are Ringbearers, all!

A great privilege and a heavy burden. But not one that must be born alone. As Gandalf, Elrond, and Galadriel had one another, surround yourself with others who understand your struggle. As Frodo had Sam, find yourself that friend who may not be able to share in your specific burden, but will carry you when you can no longer carry yourself.

But above all, no matter how many chances you have of turning back, don’t. This world needs you.

Go with hope, friends 💛

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