To Slay a Curse

A parasitic monster. A timid young woman. A deadly inner world.

Giselle is cursed. A monster lives within her, preying upon her mind. She sees no hope for her future when thoughts disappear as they form, and every small pleasure is met with a fit of pain. Then her closest friend offers her a single, harrowing chance at freedom. Terrified that failure is inevitable, but desperate for the life stolen from her, she sets out to slay her curse armed with a magical talisman. Now, the girl who can’t do anything right must defeat the beast within before her dreamsnare fills, or risk dying trapped in her own mind.

What Readers Are Saying:

“This book excels at feeling cozy, heartwarming, and altogether lovely! If you have read Margaret Rogerson’s “An Enchantment of Ravens”, then this book is right up your alley! It’s got the fairytale vibes, the unlikely heroine, and her struggle to love and accept herself as she is.”-Goodreads

“This book is wonderful. It takes an abused girl and puts her on a journey-not to self-reliance, but the discovery that you need God to heal you. That message is effortlessly woven through the pages as the main character struggles with her inner darkness. And that message is one that many need to hear right now.”-Amazon

 “It’s got plot twists, crazy awesome creatures, and a parasite that preys on Giselle’s every imaginative thought. It’s about bravery, imagination, different kinds of love, and forgiveness. It’s a beautiful story wrapped up in a grand adventure. I highly recommend it!”-Instagram

“You don’t want to miss Graham’s lyrical writing style, creative representation of Giselle’s inner world, and encouraging look at overcoming. Oh, and there are curses and magic and romance, too. A wonderful, fantastical journey!”-Amazon