Fall Comes Again

I found this poem while cleaning out old notebooks and it just struck me. Figured with autumn truly setting in, this was a perfect time to share it 💛

Listen to the rain.

The pitter patters

Of a cloud in tatters.

Fall has come again.


Watch the leaves swirling.

Colorful scraps that descend

And at your feet find their end.

Fall is round you curling.


Taste the sweet cider.

The harvest has provided

And round the table lay divided.

Fall spreads the wider.


Smell the poignant hay.

In bales is it packed

And on the truck stacked.

Fall upon the fields lay.


Feel the warm blaze.

At your fingertips is raised

And all else becomes hazed.

Fall weaves its maze.

Challenge Yourself (And an Ode to a Falcon)

For me, the most challenging form of writing is absolutely poetry. Sure, I can find words that rhyme. But making a cohesive ‘story’ out of them? Then adding in all the meter and rhythm and such? That’s a bit out of my novel-loving wheelhouse. Make it a hiaku? Still too much syllable counting. And freeform is just…weird 😅

I attended The Writer’s Sanctuary’s Ren Faire Conference a couple weeks ago. (Which was a wonderful experience by the way! If you’re a writer looking for good community and solid teachings I highly recommend them) Anyway, when they asked us to write a poem in honor of our guilds, I could have said “Sorry, that’s not my thing,” and let another Falcon take up the torch. After all, this conference was about having fun! But I didn’t.

Why? Because this conference was also about learning and growing, stepping out of your comfort zone a bit. Honing skills you don’t ‘need’ isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I still have no intention to ever become a poet. But I may want to write a story with a prophesy. What if I have kids one day and Doctor Seuss has disappeared from the shelves? Or if magic suddenly breaks through the veil and it’s all music based? I’ll need the skills then!

So I wrote this little ditty. And you know what? I enjoyed it!

Bottom line? Push yourself to look for learning opportunities in areas you’re not comfortable with. You never know when you might need the skills, or what you might end up loving.

Tell me, what challenges you?